Sometimes camo patterns have such a utilitarian use that they completely blend into their surroundings or simply resemble a innocent limb adding to the beauty of the design.  Here are a couple of examples of what can be achieved with matching the right pattern to the right situation.

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Invisible Guns

This is a 25 year old Weatherby shotgun.  Note the restored Diamond inlay on the pistol grip. The gun practically disappears against a live oak tree.
New Life for Old Classics!!
Another perfect example of art meets matter. A favored shotgun by many, the Classic Browning A5 Light Auto, given a new, weatherproof coating of "Ultimate Camo". And yes, it is in every picture with the Live Oak.
This started as a simple black synthetic Remington 870 completely customized in our new WTP-571 Pine Forest Camo
Completely transformed this wooden stock 20 gauge Remington 870 with Boneyard's Non-Typical deer horn pattern and it completely disappears in the woods.  Pic in bottom is of a Remington 870 in Longleaf Fatal Flight
Here is a Remington 870 Youth 20 Gauge - dipped in our new Mothwing Spring Mimicry - Absolutely disappears in the green foliage... perfect for turkey hunting.  We'll Dip It but it's up to you not to lose it!!
Benelli 12 Gauge dipped in Longleaf Fatal Flight - Perfect for the duck blind!