Is the finish durable ... ?
In a word - Yes, we use only the highest grade materials available in the automotive and marine industry.  After all items are printed they receive an extremely durable urethane clear coat finish just like on your car or truck in either a gloss, semigloss, or the hunter's favorite "dead" flat finish.

What Can I get printed ... ?
Generally, anything that can be painted and then submerged.

Can items be reprinted?
Yes, even years later if you change your mind or the method in which you want to use your items, printed items can generally be re-printed without much difficulty.

What types of items can be printed ... ?
A wide variety of flat or 3-D shapes and manufacturing materials such as plastics, metals, woods, glass, etc. can be printed. Everything from sunglasses, to home furniture to your custom motorcycle parts can be printed with ease.

What is the turn around time on my product ... ?
General turn around is 3-4 weeks.  Please keep in mind that because this a professional grade process, there are curing times involved in each step of our process to ensure exceptional durability and protection.

How much does "customizing" my item(s) cost ... ?
We provide general pricing on our "prices" pages but we understand that does not begin to cover the vastness of the custom ideas our customers are continually coming up with.  Our motto, "if we can paint it we can dip it" has been taken in it's most literal sense.  Therefore, in addition to those prices, we can custom bid any job based on the prep time, size and the complexity of the item or items of you wish to customize.  We also offer discounts on volume orders and you can have one of our professional staff give you a written quote on any job.

Can we change the background color of a pattern ... ?
Yes and No. There are a great number of patterns that allow for the base coat to be changed so you have a multitude of options, i.e., you and your buddy like the same "camo pattern" but he would like it darker and you would like it lighter.  Some patterns are opaque and the base coat color has little, if any affect, while other patterns such as trademarked patterns require the use of a proprietary base coat color to maintain a standardized look for licensing reasons.  One of our professionals can answer any specific questions you may have - just give us a call.

Do we need to bring in or send our parts pre-disassembled ... ?
Yes, all parts you intend to have customized need to be completely disassembled. All parts should be sent in a “Ready to Paint” condition.  Only bring or send the items to be decorated.  Due to the large variety of items and the complexities of their designs ChameleonCamo cannot be responsible for the disassembly or re-assembly of any product.